Child protection – politically motivated??


Through a FOI request, I’ve found out that Wigan Council told BBCNWT last year that 7 families who had reported child protection concerns to the council and had no action taken, and had subsequently gone to the media, were acting out of political motivation.  Mine was one of those families, and at the time Wigan Council made this claim, I was funding the Labour Party by being a member.  One of the other 6 parents is a Councillor for a party which isn’t Labour, and his disabled daughter suffered indescribable harm whilst in the care of a Wigan School.  

Wigan is a strong Labour town, where it’s claimed you could put a monkey up for Labour and it’d still be elected, so I’d be interested to know what the Labour Party think of one of its strongholds using politics to prevent safeguarding of its kids, especially profoundly disabled ones?  

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