A right grand SEND reform day out

Mythology is an essential on the job spec of many LA job application forms I’m sure of it! Great blog by bjpren and useful info about the myths spouted by LAs regarding SEND.  Give it a read!


Yesterday I had my yearly darn good jolly down to London to do a bit of training and to discuss what’s going on out there – most frequently urban myths which have circulated from somewhere unknown, or directly from LAs. Now, personally I would question why an LA would put in print something that has no basis in law and masquerade it as correct, but unless someone acts on it, these myths remain. I posted a bit about transport a few weeks back and the letter of response from the DfE, which is a good example of how misinformation can get corrected.

A bit of housekeeping before I go on a ramble – I do need to point out that, although I volunteer for a large charity, I do not speak for them, I am posting my own thoughts on various subjects. I need to make that quite clear. I…

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