A very special baby has been born today.  My 8 year old asked “whose baby is it, Prince Charming’s?”  That’s my boy. 

Let’s face it, the birth experience Kate has just had is far removed from what most women go through.  The editor of Majesty Magazine, Ingrid Seward, is in the BBC News 24 studio, talking all things royal.  She said earlier that Kate would be in a private room, with access to ‘wet nurses’ (WTF??), 24 hour room service and general luxury.  
This article from the Guardian – The Royal Baby: A winner in Britain’s infant mortality lottery says it all.  Children are dying from poverty, but I also think the continued dismantling of the NHS will only add to the mortality rates. 

I know the royal family are loved by many, but why does this (then unborn) baby have more right to life than the rest of the babies being born every minute in this country?    During the discussions on BBC News 24, it was clear that no risks would have been taken with this mother and the baby.  Everything would have been done to the letter.  No expense spared.   And that’s what I think is wrong.  One baby’s life is no more valuable than the next, but the difference in life chances is immense.  

In 2005, when my son was born, there wasn’t even an obstetrician on duty in the hospital when I went in with reduced foetal movement.  Granted it was after midnight, but I can only assume staffing levels haven’t improved much since then.  

What was really funny, and I hope the BBC will show it, was when the newsreader, Maxine Mawhinney said to Ingrid Seward, “they might call the baby Carole…………………………………………………………


after Kate’s mother”.  Mrs Majesty nearly fainted!   Not that there’s anything wrong with the name Carole.  I know one who works in Debenhams and she’s lovely.  

(This was meant to be a piece about my experience with the NSPCC, but I lost the content due to a technical error, so I’ll do it another time).

I’m pleased for the couple though really, but no more pleased than I’d be for any other couple who I don’t know.  

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