Anti-austerity, minimalistic purge.

I can’t write at the best of times but I have to purge before Monday or I’ll end up in Billinge*.  I also need to do it quick or I’ll end up in Leigh**. So, to save time for anyone who is daft enough to read this, here is a quick rundown of the week just gone.  No dates or specifics, but generally in chronological order.

  • Stayed up all night to watch general election
  • Start with a cold
  • Disability discrimination claim – gov body missed their deadline to respond.
  • Postman delivers a card telling me there’s a letter at sorting office with not enough postage and I need to pay £1.74
  • Some words like bastards and wankers are said to the card.
  • Find out the documents which I should have received at 3rd bullet point were sent first class post on 6th May. Find out the legal team at the council had emailed them to the tribunal, but decided not to email me. N.B.  Card requesting payment for postage still identity unknown but very strong suspicion of who it is.
  • Disability discrimination claim – the barrister representing the governing body is using the ‘tendency to physical abuse’ card*** so in response I’ve asked staff currently working with my son to fill in a short questionnaire about how often he has physically abused them.  I find out they have been ‘ordered’ not to write any comments about my son.  Strangely they have never been physically abused by my son.
  • I shoot the messenger and tell the staff they should grow some balls and ignore what they have been told, and tell them I don’t want staff working with my son who are afraid to speak up. Cried all afternoon.
  • Interim Director of Children’s Services visit us at home to apologise for the cock up regarding the safeguarding issues we had, and which led us to remove our kids from the school involved in the discrimination claim.   Seems genuinely sorry, but it’s easy to apologise for people who have quietly ‘retired’ or gone on to pastures new. We’ll see…
  • I apologise to the staff who I sent packing, and I think they understand where I’m coming from.
  • Disability discrimination claim- the tribunal emailed me the documents I should have had on 6th May, and the council’s legal team resend them by recorded delivery which I receive the next day (4 days after the deadline)
  • SEN tribunal – LA send their position statement for Monday’s hearing.  They won’t put details about my son’s continence/toileting needs in the statement, even though the words come from a specialist urology nurse in a children’s hospital.  Tax….payers……..used… pay staff from Wigan council to argue the toss about something that is as simple as the right to pee and poo, on a toilet, when one gets the urge!!!
  • I went to the sorting office to pay the unpaid postage, thinking the letter might not be from the LA.  It might be from the hospital or it could be a big lotto win or something.  2 weeks ago the LA had missed another tribunal deadline because they sent the document 2nd class and to be honest I didn’t really think they could be that incompetent to make another ‘postage’ mistake.

As you can see, the only markings on this envelope are in the top right hand corner and they appear to resemble early Stone Age cave paintings, said to be made using charred fragments of mushroom remains, which we now know were eaten by Stone Age people.

Here is a carving which, translated, means “Under no circumstances deliver that letter to the intended recipient.  Delay until at least the Bronze Age”

Photo courtesy of

Here’s a fab blog called ‘Crazy about Mushrooms‘, which tells all about the Red Lady, who loved mushrooms.

Ok, I feel much better now I’ve got that off my chest.  The envelope, was in fact the document from the legal team at Wigan Council, representing the governing body of the school who discrimInated against my son.  So next time anyone in Wigan gets poor service, and the ‘cuts’ are blamed, remind staff of the money the council are saving by using traditional methods of communication.  And at least they don’t use email, which is so much, er, well, cheaper still.

* Billinge was a hospital where nearly every baby in Wigan was born up until about 10 years ago.  It also had a psychiatric unit.

**Leigh hospital also has a psychiatric unit.

Both of these places are often referred to, inappropriately, to imply someone has mental health issues, and as people like Katie Hopkins, Michael Gove and other Stone Age characters have been in the news last week for their lovely views on really important things, I just wanted to test the water and see if we are all becoming desensitised to decency and being good people who actually care about our people or are we all being so badly affected by austerity measures they make us into complete and utter @rseholes?

***’tendency to physical abuse is an exclusion detailed in the Equality Act 2010 which basically means if someone is physically abusive, they are not discriminated against if for example, they are excluded from school, or inappropriately restrained, even though they might have, for example, autism or ADHD.

Worrying case law ……

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