Creation of monsters II

Penultimate day of Easter holidays for kids today so we went into town to check all the lifts were working.  Debenhams. H&M. M&S. BHS.  All fine but Debenhams takes the rosette for its ser-static shocks.  Bloody hell! 

That should have been it, but I sensed the lift craving hadn’t been satisfied, and knowing the youngest only wanted to go to Waterstones (which has no lift), we had to risk going outside, down to Primark, just to squeeze in another.  Fantastic lift!  Can fit 13 persons in.  Wow.  

Killing time, in the Boys 1-8yrs section (?) a little lad (about 2-3 yrs old) ran round a rack of Minions underpants, swerved, and almost folded in half backwards when he realised he’d nearly run into Alfie.  His Nan looked for him, saying “where’ve you gone?” and the little boy said something which I couldn’t make out and finished off with the word “monster” whilst backing into the vests as we went past.  

I don’t know if Nan had heard him.  I think she did but who knows.  

I’ve always said that children should be taught about disability as soon as they start school, and this is why.   But how can we teach kids from early on that disabled people are not to be feared (as a minimum!!) when increasingly disabled children are being forced to attend special schools because mainstream schools don’t want them?  How can we teach children about ‘others’ who they never encounter in real life, face to face?  We’ll probably have more success teaching them about the critically endangered Amur Leopard.  And it’s probably less scary.

Creation of Monsters is here. Slightly different, but just the same really. 

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